Tango trial lessons Nijmegen

Each season we offer trial lessons before the start of the courses, in January and September. The tango classes of this season (1st half of 2019) have started. You can still join the lessons, if you already have some experience with the Argentine tango. The next trial lessons for beginners will be in September.

If you would like to experience the Argentine tango sooner, you can participate in a beginner weekend. Our next beginner weekend will be 25 -26 May in De Veste in Apeldoorn.

Experienced dancers

If you already have experience with the Argentine tango, you can participate in a tango lesson of the intermediate or advanced classes as a try-out, before deciding about joining. Please contact us by email to info@tango-entero.nl if you would like to take advantage of this opportunity.

If you don’t have a dance partner, inform us about your length and age, then we will try to find a matching dance partner for you.

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