Tango trial lessons Nijmegen

Each season we offer trial lessons for beginners before the start of the courses, in January and September.

Trial lessons 10 and 14 January 2022

The next tango trial lessons for beginners in Nijmegen will be on Monday 10 and  Friday 14 January. This is a good opportunity to get a taste of the Argentine tango and to get to know our dance school and the teachers. You can also participate in a trial lesson if you don’t have a dance partner yet.

On both days we will give two trial lessons:

19.15 – 20.15 trial lesson for individual participants
20.30 – 21.30 trial lesson for (dance) couples

We give a separate trial lesson for those who don’t have a dance partner yet, to make it easier to get to know each other and find a suitable dance partner.

The trial lessons on Monday 10 January are in Roomsch Leven. Directions and parking >
The trial lessons on Friday 14 January are in the Logegebouw. Directions and parking >


If there are no Covid-19 restrictions anymore in January, you can participate in the trial lessons without registration. However, we appreciate it if you do register, to give us an idea of the number of participants. Also, if you register we will send you an e-mail shortly before the lesson as a reminder with all information and keep you updated on any changes.

Please register by filling out the registration form.

Experienced dancers

If you already have experience with the tango, you can participate in a tango lesson of the intermediate or advanced courses as a try-out, before deciding about joining. Please contact us by email to info@tango-entero.nl if you would like to take advantage of this opportunity.

If you don’t have a dance partner, inform us about your length and age, then we will try to find a matching dance partner for you.

For more information about the tango courses, go to Tango lessons Nijmegen >