Tango trial lessons Nijmegen

The next tango trial lessons for beginners in Nijmegen will be on Monday 14 and Friday 18 September, before the start of the new courses. This is a good opportunity to get a taste of the Argentine tango and to get to know our dance school and the teachers. You can also participate in a trial lesson if you don’t have a dance partner yet.

Both evenenings we will give two trial lessons. The times of the trial lessons are:

19.15 – 20.15 trial lesson for individual participants
20.30 – 21.30 trial lesson for (dance) couples

We give a separate trial lesson for those who don’t have a dance partner yet, to make it easier to get to know each other and find a suitable dance partner.

The trial lessons on Monday will be in the ThiemeloodsLeemptstraat 30-34, Travel directions >
The trial lessons on Friday will be in the Logegebouw: Fortstraat 7, Travel directions >

COVID-19 measures

There is a protocol for the dance sector, that has been approved by the Dutch government. From the 1 July onwards, dancing indoors is allowed again if we observe the rules that are laid out in the protocol.

One of the rules in the protocol is that you are only allowed to dance with a dance partner who lives in the same home or with a permanent dance partner. But of course, if you are single and just start dancing, then you don’t have a dance partner yet. Therefore, you can also participate in the trial lessons without a dance partner. Usually we change partners a lot during the trial lessons, so you can get to know everybody. However, as long as the protocol is in place, we will couple you with a dance partner that is the best match, looking at age and length. You will only dance with this dance partner during the trial lesson.

Because of the protocol, it is now also necessary to register for the trial lessons.


Before Covid-19, there was no obligation to register for the trial lessons. However, now we have to ask you to sign up. First of all, so we can ensure that there aren’t too many participants, so you can keep 1,5 meters distance from each other. Secondly, if you come without a dance partner, to be able to match you with the best matching other participant in the trial lesson. Please inform us of your age and length, to enable us to do this.

Shorty before the trial lesson we will send you a reminder and all information about the trial lesson, as well as an update on any change in the Covid-19 rules.

Please register by filling out the short registration form.

Experienced dancers

If you already have experience with the Argentine tango, you can participate in a tango lesson of the intermediate or advanced classes as a tryout, before deciding about joining a course. Please contact us by email to info@tango-entero.nl if you would like to take advantage of this opportunity.

At this moment we cannot help you in finding a dance partner because of the Covid-19 protocol. You can only register for a tryout in one of the advanced classes as a dance couple.

For more information about the classes, go to Tango lessons Nijmegen >