Milongas and práctica

Milonga Loge Oost

Usually on the 4th Saturday of the month, we have a milonga in the Logegebouw in Nijmegen, Milonga Loge Oost. Before the milonga there is a práctica.

Practica: 19.30 – 20.30
Milonga: 20.30 – 01.00

Practica: 5 euros | milonga: 8 euros | práctica + milonga: 10 euros

Address: Logegebouw, Fortstraat 7, Nijmegen. Travel Directions >

Because of the Corona crisis there all milongas have been cancelled this season. These are the dates and DJs of our milongas next season:

  • 20 August: Bart Wijgergangs (Eindhoven)
  • 26 September: Santiago Onel (Montevideo, Rijswijk)
  • 24 October: Jo Switten, El Huracán (Brussel)
  • 28 November: Steffen Fortissimo (Wuppertal)