Milonga Loge Oost

On the 4th Saturday of the month you can dance at Milonga Loge Oost, alternately in two beautiful venues, with music played by the best DJ’s.

Our home venue is the Logegebouw in Nijmegen, a former theatre, located in one of the most popular neighbourhoods of Nijmegen. The dance hall is beautiful, with a heigh ceiling and a perfect wooden floor for dancing. Parking is free nearby.

Sometimes MLO is at another venue: the Big Hall of ‘Roomsch Leven‘. A perfect location for dancing tango, with a 200 mwooden dance floor, a stage at one side, and a bar at the other. Roomsch Leven is situated in Brakkenstein, the neighbourhood in between the university campus en Heumensoord forest. There is a free parking behind the building, and parking in the neighbourhood is also free.

Time: 20.00 – 24.00
Entrance fee: 10 Euro
Address 1: Logegebouw, Fortstraat 7, Nijmegen. Travel directions >
Adrress 2: Roomsch Leven, Heyendaalseweg 239, Nijmegen. Travel directions >

These are the dates and DJs of our upcoming milongas (all milonga’s are in the Logegebouw):

  • Thursday 4 August, DJ Greg Demerville (Summerdaze!)
  • Saturday 24 Septeber, DJ Santiago Onel
  • Saturday 22 October, DJ Joost Brunsting
  • Saturday 26 November, DJ Willemijn

the Big Hall of Roomsch Leven

Milonga Loge Oost in the Logegebouw

Milonga Loge Oost in the Logebouw