Milonga Loge Oost

Unfortunately, we have to cancel all milongas this season because of Covid-19. We hope to be able to start again next year.

Usually every the 4th Saturday of the month, we have a milonga in the Logegebouw in Nijmegen. The Logegebouw is a former theatre, located in one of the most popular neighbourhoods of Nijmegen. It has a perfect wooden floor for dancing.

You can park for free at a few hundred meters walking distance.

Time: 20.00 – 24.00
Entrance fee: 10 Euro
Address: Logegebouw, Fortstraat 7, Nijmegen. Travel Directions >

These are the dates and DJs of our upcoming milongas:

  • 24 October: Bart Wijgergangs (Eindhoven) cancelled
  • 28 November: Steffen Fortissimo (Wuppertal) cancelled

Because of the corona virus the number of participants is limited to 15 couples, we don’t change dance partners, and you have to register in advance. Please use this form: registration Milonga Loge Oost