Tango workshops for festive occasions

Workshop and performance

We are regularly asked to give workshop at festive occasions, like marriages, birthday parties or jubilees. Your guest will learn how to move together on the beautiful music of the Argentine tango, and how to lead and follow some simple, basic steps. We usually end a workshop by performing a dance for everyone.

When your guest dance together, lots of fun and laughter are guaranteed! At the same time they will enjoy the beautiful music and dancing together on the heartbeat of the tango. Participants always respond positively and often with enthusiasm.

The tupical duration of a workshop is about an hour, experience has shown that this usually works best. But upon your request a workshop can be shorter or longer.

A smooth, wooden floor is best for dancing, but other smooth floors are also perfectly okay.

Please contact us for more information. To receive a quotation, please inform us of the location, your preferred workshop duration, and the expected number of participants.

E-mail: info@tango-entero.nl

Phone: + 31 (0)24-6755637