The Argentine tango is a passionate, dynamic improvisation dance.
You can participate in our weekly tango classes in Nijmegen,
We also offer tango weekends, dance eveningstango workshops and demonstrations.



Dance with passion

Have you always had a passion for tango music
and would you like to experience now how it is to dance to this music?
Then you can join a beginner course, of first get a taste in one of our free trial lessons.

Are you already dancing tango, but would you like to improve your repertoire, technique and musicality?
You are very welcome in our classes for (semi) advanced dancers.

team Tango Entero

What will you learn?

The focus in the lessons is on the connection with your dance partner, and the technique and awareness that you need to lead and follow each step. From the very beginning you can start to improvise with the steps that you learn.

Free trial lessons

To get a first taste of the tango, we offer free trial lessons before the start of our classes. You can participate with or without a dance partner.


You can dance at our milongas  (dance evenings). Have a look at the calendar for the dates.