Travel directions Logegebouw


Fortstraat 7
6523 DG Nijmegen

The logegebouw is located in the popular "Nijmegen-Oost" neighbourhood. It's close to the shopping centre  "Koningshof", with the Koningstoren (Kings Tower).


Public transport

Two city bus lines stop close to the Logegebouw:

  • Line 2, direction "Maartenskliniek; bus stop "Broerweg" (12 minutes from Nijmegen Central Station)
  • Line 8, direction "Berg en Dal"; bus stop "Koningshof" (13 minutes from Nijmegen Central Station)

On the map you can see where the bus stops are located. It's just a few minutes' walk from either of the bus stops.

Check the information and actual times at


The Logegebouw has a small parking area in front of the building where you can park for free. But there is a chance that there will be no more free spots.

Please don't park in the streets adjacent to the Logegebouw, keep these free for the people who live there.

If the parking of the Logebouw is full, you will find enough free parking spots at the shopping centre "Koningshof" or along the "Van ’t Santstraat". This is just 250 meters from the Logegebouw (turn left at the end of the Fortstraat).

Logegebouw Nijmegen

The Logegebouw

Lodewijkzaal Logegebouw

The dance hall