Our lessons

The music of the Argentine tango is rich and varied. The association most people have with tango is a powerful rhythm, together with romantic, melancholic melodies and texts. However, the rhythm of the Argentine tango is very dynamic: it can have  a strong driving rhythm at one moment, but a soft barely noticeable rhythm in the next. The musicians are constantly playing with the rhythm.

This constantly varying rhythm offers the dancers a lot of freedom in the dance, and the opportunity to express different emotions and energies. Not the steps and choreographies are most important in tango, but the expression of the emotion and energy of the music in your movements, in an intimate connection with your dance partner. The music ‘breaths’, and constantly enables you to dance more quick or slow, small or big, hard (staccato) or soft.

Therefore, the focus in our lessons is not on the (sequences of) steps. Of course, you’ll learn many steps and combinations. But most of all you’ll learn how to dance together and to improvise to the music. To be able to do this, you need a good dance posture and walking technique, and especially a good connection – the ‘abrazo’ – with your partner. The connection must be clear and relaxed at the same time.

With a good technique dancing together becomes effortless. Of course, learning this technique requires some effort, like everything new that you learn in life. Still, it’s worthwhile to focus on the basic technique when you start to learn tango, or even when you are an advanced dancer. Because the better your technique is, the more you will be able to dance effortless, free and dynamic, instead of just repeating the steps that you know.

At the same time however, everyone can enjoy dancing tango, even when you haven’t mastered the technique very well yet. Moving to the beautiful music together with your dance partner can be a beautiful experience from the very beginning.